Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"amazing bedsheets"

pay/to the/order of, where there is dark:
light, & vice verse, vacuum cleaner sucks!,
icon fester, anti-thematization, token
payment, this is vancouver (nor are we
out of it), immediate process, no such
people (as us (anymore, my comments:,
did you k)now, we need to act quick, even if
we aren’t), grizzly w/ graffiti, what
people can be convinced to care about,
maxi shopping, hate to say it, snowke,
AGREEMENT, mute trance, the zen cage, the
non-place, ‘there’, there where I do not
think, the time, effort, and energy,
reads gaining momentum, a little
fatter, still organizing my way, that’s
bin marked down, fat fiction, any format,
any text, eradicate the disease,
priapic angel, chaotic toner islands,
buying our eyes, an open theme, leave
the computer(s) behind, literal meaning,
liberal meaning, why do we want
defense mechanisms against change?,
a standing under, it doesn’t fit,
telemarketing, please do not fold,
amazing bedsheets, you got the eye,
more than i missed you, giving people
a little of themselves, rubbah!stampah!,
burstin’ blood vessels in my eyeballs here,
Ho Ho Merry x mas What does x have
to do with it?

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