Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"really writing nothing" &

the zero copies project, gar numb,
hello i’m dead, select by means
of, tonerized rubber, ednumbchuck,
you wouldn’t know suffering if
it hit you on the head, zen skiing,
take them to the text, booyah,
let us have a moment together,
art is lawless, still roiling,
really writing nothing, oh boy
nothing, you wanna hear some
poetry, saint riking, now you
can let your perception flip,

read it as if it were written
in pitman’s shorthand, pi is not
random, why am i having so much
trouble finding the centre?
aha!, don’t let the live matter
die, turn the radio from country
to, art is not gold, happy
birthday in the back of a
caps van, visual voodoo, i am a
node, i enjoyed it to the full
and the empty too, i wrote this
in prison, i feel like a head
liner, my hand and your hand
touching, crap back,

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