Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"the idiot is trying to communicate" & "if you love something replicate it"

get out your chalculator,
catsa acsta, money flying in
all directions, community of
monsters, macmoney, chit,
the highest point on the map,
you got something but you had
to buy it, no identifying
features, the idiot is trying
to communicate, laser disks,
inter alia, gafiated, conrunners,
avocational subcultures,
squamous rugose and
cthonic realities,

the wire recorder, low food security,
what can be said about all this
saying, meices, mailfront, boreal
etude, misprison, sone, the black-
hatted, undertaker no comma,
skunk mail, bust plots loose, if
you love something replicate it,
chicca-tivoli, ray johnson is
alive and well and living in…,
meat milk, all you have to your
name, discrepant, go onto the
night shift, slunch, you are the
employee, events in my home country,
brothertongue, step-brother tongue,
the enemy’s language, obzoki, obeah,
kinopoesis, womanist, english is
not a race, it’s a language, the
art of thinking big,

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