Thursday, June 18, 2009

"give up poetry" or "nothing is beyond redemption"

raw copy, you’re going to want some sort of protection, pass the bell,
smail, finite crisis, thousandfold finite crisis, vivoleum, yute,
infrastructure antinomie, first approximation, standby time, anytime
minutes, geomembrane, a “one-window” contact, deminimus, an outage
window, safety stand down, a “beefier” machine, to “seed bank”, what
biologists call a “search imaf (we need white out) “search image”,
type in what you were doing here, kakithaw-piyak, another user,
rockhouses, ccoa, acid in the environment, cypripedium parviflorum
seven meters tall!, blotto swallows, psychogeographers, future mead,
a psychogeographical drift, and now the hat flew, contains that
entire history, chaos apprentice, expelling hungover conscript,
a low-level fractal, irration, moss-dampened daylight, trance-picnic,
fomite, a lipstick poet, flight number zero, amplified typewriter,
thanks ross, listen did you hear it a bit of paper dropped, nothing is
beyond redemption, no need to say nothing, we already said it a
million times over, you have to slice it very thin, original type,
copy type, can you tell your left from your right hand, now we
have a machine to write for us, now we have a machine to copy for us,
the original takes priority over the copy, the copy takes priority
over nothing, it is not possible to block communication, enviral,
are we out of the jungle yet, are we out of the forest yet, young
woman’s milk, young woman’s jock, give up poetry, whatever you do
please don’t replicate this text, try to drop this paper, we are going
to let the words go, we are going to let the black marks go, we are go
ing to let the white go, try spining it, try spinning it, last chance,
type talking, solid replica, thin space, thick time, human expression
command, the comminimum, prehistoric cyberspace, intolerant of
network latency, telemedicine, telecollaboration, telephonoscope,
telephany, works of anticipation, tomorrowland, the nwe, the new
world information order,

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