Monday, June 15, 2009

"the language burial"

the language burier, setting it up to tumble,
50 ¢ PENNIES, speaking true, thrue speed king,
fuzzy sets of words, the edge of the book is the
book, the this + the not-this, headlessness,
imaginary letters, all of this, what might
be being said, don’t give us that strong &
weak bullshit, the language burial, ouch
events seventh, very arbitrary judge,
quit hoping &, cryptographer, letters from
the crypt, the third hand, by word of mouth,
deaccumulationist, self-paranoia ?, ġ,
descent for docent (mattter, all true
is um, imp(il)licit, polyphony, pre-sense,
to go toward the utter boundaries, to
utter the utter, to utter the other,
docter small-letter, or, (ex) perimenting (-),
inciting a riot in the prison house of
language/society, denormalizing,
shifters, pushing against the limits
of language, being able to say…
everything, create a kind of imp-possibility,
praxis, praxis, praxis!, the V-effect,

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