Saturday, June 27, 2009


finish another pizza paper,
productivity substitution,
housekeeping text, duct tape
text, the ball is still, what
colour is this paper?, you
forgot the um, award of an
institution, unremarkable
abscence, dissemble material,
unexplicable ë, ö, show ‘er,
as in learn, book , flow er bunched,
one can only refer, no info if,
the photo cops, get a bigger
jackhammer, imping, the
meaning of the words does
not matter, no table absent,
every little tiny bit, turn the
paper face down, maybe
one’s brain isn’t smart(ing
enuf, all po, create yer world,
hinterleaf, you see full,
ashash, unrequiting, what is
the message of this peace of
paper?, a whole another, avents,
a few pointers, the name
remains the same, this is
a whole , maybeing, better
comluter, might out,
mosscult, trick,
letterrific!, saint all, hidden
mist, urbane (sub-), fine art does the

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