Tuesday, June 02, 2009

"all this spam needs to be read"

this one is going forward, this one
is hanging back, this one almost
went, this one did go, this one we
decided against, rasy, all this
spam needs to be read, check
this out: shows envelope, it’s
probably a good thing we can’t
quite see, another false illusion,
gar for, oh we did a little, by
rights or buy rights, goop-oh-phone,
pass up your chance to speak,
the back chip, the universe is
fading before your eyes, you
get your house taken away, a
pear a plum, the originary copy,
if you make a copy of it it
belongs to you, other people don’t
know what it says, why would
you want to destroy all this,
one that lasted, myofascial,
goop-a-phone, a compassionate
heart for the whole world, you
can see more in the copy, fluxate,
by in quotation marks, one of a
thing is one thing: fifty of a
thing is another thing, ten
thousand plums, now the orange
cat stalks the snail, galuttos,
jugular labial, frig zen, i
don’t want nothing, thing itself,

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krandall said...

40 thousand affectionate sestinas