Tuesday, June 02, 2009

"the shark infested waters of avant-garde poetry"

i don’t have a fucking computer,
we have no way of knowing what is
on the disk, mestization, men
and women: equals or differents?,
din a four plain, expecting to
have your mail inspected, did
that thread really float there
all around the planet?,
publication on blogspot, the
shark infested waters of
avant-garde poetry, the mail
and how it gets delivered,
welcome sucker, you don’t even
have to watch the money
leaving your wallet, it all
depends on what you are
guilty of, dee what is the
dee for, the officialness of
the rubberstamp, phone crime,
ukumale, i love clutter, you
know you’re making too much
money when they’re taking a
third of it off, last glint of
moss, having a wonderful time
wish you were here instead of
me, just say yes to unsorted
garbage, what kind of a
thing is that to say, eat rock,
you don’t have to dance with,

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