Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"mickler dumpus nome"

high pressure tactics, e-ink, chain-letter-mail,
when going away, effort thief, one moment
the next, rose petal, the abolition of useless
actions, thermal decomposition, commotion
calm ocean, puller togetherer, says to the
eye, desolation! recommence!, to have seen
that!, symmetrical accident scenes, rip,
a willing error, state alterations, off
ward, free peep, flying only with the
help of the elders, isnow, five hundred
years ago, gate to the west, making the
transition, consumed things, fake scuzzy,
struck, struck, struck, to many mazes,
think in another dimension, fork over, every
day is garbage day around here, or say no
to garbage day?, mickler dumpus nome,
came t(h)rue, but does it count!, pathways
will be operating, reprocessing the werd,
sure it’s colder, but i can see so much
clearer!, slamming, i wonder how fast
this was going, supporate, techno-evagel-
ism, more than a letter, depends on how
many, you are missing, fuse that stayed
blown, illusratted, new enter, ways of
striking, quite the slab, ia rai, a good
tun, us + me, better trance late
than never, yes, the filing cabinet
of doctor, ewww! it’s the powdery side,
gross!, allow you to exist, never thru,
call hall, gore geous, not trying,
when you have, sluggage, always
current, first giving then taking,

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