Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"the death of the original"

limitations of the word, something between
speech & action, left blanks in their writings,
I mean for things they didn’t know, hatred?
hate blue, trance late, alba, language of yes,
thru sound, a mask, begins to speak,
emotional synthesis, time-keeping, break
time, cessation or standing still, it is easy
to see, never found it worth his while to
discover an interesting subjective self
to please people, parse money, tradition,
contemptation & manipulation of the letters,
contemplation & medi(t)ation, ecstatic text,
permutations of the elements, L, M, N,
amalgam of anagrams, zimzum, breaking apart
& mending, final phase of rest itution &
rest oration, pseudepigraphic text, sapphire,
includes all stranger’s sementics, day for night,
totalitarian fun, social impo(r)t(a/e)nce of poetry,
cult of us, hipp(i)er-than-thou, pop-poetry, the
technology of night, possible drift, spendour,
means to end, solidary communication, the
death of the original, stainism, a comer,
strength & song,

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