Sunday, May 31, 2009

"how to act on this data"

the, i exist, you can’t really
take credit for photographing
somebody else’s art, the dsh
story, we are com, btsomt,
what’s yer technique, scribe
up, all the artist’s apostrophes,
the end run, waterfall with
pipeline, how bright is the
bright, who can you call when
you have nobody to call?
how about a bail bondsman,
non-anti-non, prefer the open
web, pot, you are perfectly
capable of representing
yourself, how is one to love,
sunnyside to anderson,
gignere, natalis, how to act
on this data, mugl, the hours
we wish to discard, the hours
are a lie, the hours we
wish to hang on to, grudge
judge, one needs correction,
nothing is non-billable,
ugliness is in the eye of
the beholder, crime is in
the eye of the beholder,
sometimes you just gotta
let it pass, vigourous
advocate, lava flow,

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