Saturday, April 18, 2009

"flatten down the glass bottles"

we’ve been thru this already, why
such a large envelope, yi-xin, thou
shalt not lose control, no matter
how you slice it, anti-rem, a quik
etch, nothing needs to be protected,
we are all chinese, it’s easy to make
a splash in the ocean, deddie, what
can be said about blank, flatten
down the glass bottles, you better
get yourself a map, ride those waves,
not after money, you can’t just
carry on after, you are about to
be torn from your home, do you
subscribe to this sort of text,
better oblate than never, you
can’t say such things as, smash
the peach, postal math, orange
blue what’s the diff, hoping
to mail, we kNew the end was nigh,
and here’s where it all ends,

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