Wednesday, April 01, 2009

"he stirs up people for nothing"

put pen to paper and, groat’s worth,
and your letter to yourself is for,
saint ay, what did you call me, what
edmonton’s not big enough for you,
still cupping are we, some done some
to go, never trance, saint rip press,
thistle pussy, red arrow delta,
saint rat, saint ra, impressive lot,
certainty of nothing at all, waste
hat, a flowfish, gret, elsöbbségi,
am i not still, oh one expires, give
this to someone, nothing knew,
ashen marks, tit charts, inamorati
anonymous, inverse rarity, report
obscene mail to your potsmaster,
schmaltz herrings, antisublimity,
sinocentrism, invisible hand
writing, vis viva, our posthuman
bodies and minds, knocking the
orange, the house is concrete, the
love vine, the moment just before
coming, infinitely renegotiable
relationships, he stirs up people
for nothing,

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