Tuesday, April 14, 2009


envelope full of second hand smoke,
flying paper structure, each individni,
a million and forty-four, europanism,
does the world really need another
mailartist, pure pull, left the heat
up, p is for, can i drive, askesis,
hexis, antidisciplinary, a stamp in
quotation marks, waiting for the
year of the dragon, let the posty
do the walking, how long do you
intend to remain, entrance hidden by
chandelier, socially intelligent,
an orange two-piece, kombinator,
vans to auschwitz, nitrostat,
money-conscious, amcha, huddled
closer to the entrance, this is not
the obvious, tokens of a herald,
kishlak, yashmaks, lifeway,
antienvironmentalists, ecotage,
otterness, human ethics continue,
femicide, horizontal collaborator,

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