Tuesday, April 07, 2009

"the microdot that exploded"

someone connected, the kilometers
will kill ya, slow down and look at
the details, the anonymous
shopper, the microdot that exploded,
is it ul or jul, ace of diamonds,
ought to be or ought to be done,
stanzagraph, poems rocks, chaolin,
oxs or oxx, strange codings,
released at last from individuality,
private prisons, gunsel, guimpe,
liquid meat, psychotronic,
hopelessly contaminating his
experiences, beikkus, bawdi-bin,
eng-gyn, propylaea, bilu, manot-
thiha, how we get from one letter
to another, temporary authenticity,
turning caffeine into sestinas,
celebrate ic, thick calling cards,
concrete of hints, c, accepting
imaginary guilt, trademark cap,
subkulak, grain spies,

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