Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"lucid consolation" & "lucid without code"

where is this bus going, here is
something we may want to keep in
mind, here is something we might
want to forget, you are reading
what you are reading, nobody
knows you when you’re down and
out, one two skip a day, need to
get somewhere else, you had the
world in the palm of your mind,
the same people goind, where’s my
money, uninformed sources, not the
bus again, embody eye, what are
these people doing to me, now we
are just another case, renew your
lease on life, lucky bus, mighta,

here we are passing thru, thermal
belly, interpret disaster, who has
thousands, epiphone, reining, flush
alberta, anything to crack your
surface, skin like newsprint,
from zero to, under the covers fully
dressed, the books they are selling
thousands of, let’s call them
configurations, wait we are still
reading this, always something
distinct from, what does your
gizmo do, is nobody happy, risk
your sanity, real donkeys, your
first black mark, rx stands for,
emphis, varenyky, onboarding,

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