Saturday, April 25, 2009

"juicy lucifer" & "deliberate attempts to lose control"

art crime, the game we were play,
art that floats, the thing which
is, the days before the disaster,
magiscroft, hate cluster, culture
police, juicy lucifer, wear the
badge proudly, how can you call
this an original, no we can’t show
such, a red nothing, is that a
genuine this, with or without a
mark, golpea, using it to torture
you with, we finally got thru
too late, housewife gets fired,
probably nothing, new call,
laminated reality, cat bite,
jugeaient, nothing dies, cha,

have sex at the drop of a hat,
gluhwein, the informational
mode of development, dressage,
hypervitalist, laboratories
of speed, deliberate attempts
to lose control, reprogramming
the mind, medialization,

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