Saturday, April 25, 2009


reginger, rejected individuals,
new jobs arising, postal expert,
psychological abuse, try me,
still hoping, if you return the
books too soon, voici et wasso,
eternal arisal, the call and the
call, twenty-four cents bulk,
puns tore gamble, when we were
we, coffeemeat, eye’s the buy
that sinks her, wad of letters,
colour conception, these days
are coming, we are going again,
you may never taste again,
eternal anrete, art am us,

not to be combined with, nothing
attached, just keep on bleeding,
bright in retrospect, being in the
pink, there is paper but, the poet
is giving you the silent treatment,
here comes the rubberstamps,
when we reach the year zero, are
you prepared for the next moment,
addicted to exspensive cheese,
can i use your ftp site, the one
and only day, five letters to
make you laugh, on top of all
your desires, melitta, tea sot,
freeerf, breaking into song,

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