Saturday, April 11, 2009

400 longhorns

the best thing about days, give your
life to whatever, mister leave-it-blank,
give your life to art, we are all
deteriorating, redemnify, seventy-eight
seventy-eight, hiring forever, orange
china, start leaving your papers
there, still felt, the dv industry,
chocolate’s earliest history,
panarchy, sabayon, ferber as a verb,
hypoxic, peachbasket interchange,
contractility, sun-tranced, the
horrible conditions of exploitation,
industrial reserve army, positive
barbarism, imperial reproduction,
autonomists, affirmative violence,
corporeal nomadism, concrete
invention, anthropological exodus,
poietic prostheses, an artificial
becoming, synchronous failure,
energy return on investment,
catagenesis, prospective mind,

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