Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"who has time to read this shit" & "can joyoj"

this is not part of the whole, indirect
cyberstamp, let the crumb fall,
why what happens at sea, put a
grave face on it, think of someone
else, still calling, contested
spaces, cut it out of the vinyl,
we are still remembering you,
spoken mountain, take venus for
your logo, paper is boring, the
unity of logical trance thank
you, crimping and, who has time
to read this shit, diverse times
stapled together, this is where
i wrote, are you seeing what is
there or, the glory days linger on,

why put all these words down,
compare the nth degree copy with
the original, paper leg, take a
breath of fresh reality, remove
thanatics, desireau voyou, are
leaf, desireau money, doctor
eff, can joyoj, begin toner,
plot smearing, carnivorous arts,
shit lightning, return to
original, you are in peru,

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