Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"how do you feel about acidheads" & "please explain this text to the author"

a hundred different fruitstickers,
small wonder you went crazy, a
month before the disaster, art get,
blessed blank, you can’t read the
book without a machine, ceenhi
redbon, become a big letter poet,
how do you feel about acidheads,
credit table, repsych, six voices
together, hirsuta pilosa, resonate
thru many dimensions, you may
wind up with the thing itself,
draw your hand over the paint,
a blatch from the past, greet
earth, gula, dice it, tekstprent,
euronymous, dédé, real lines,

ilurf, froment, champagnoise,
original bottle, the original
bottle, innerleithen, read the
book to the last page and then,
sourdough oozed out, now we
need to change again, morin
designers, let your memory
fail, still like the colour of
my money, get back in touch,
tt, craf, what do you do, what
can you do, gnawlin’s, is this
a self-portrait, please explain
this text to the author, tar and
feather me, deep north, psyche!,

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