Thursday, April 09, 2009

"the artist enjoys himself"

begins with beans, give no indic,
real ivory trademark, tonography,
trance-ography, you are writing on
the absence of paper, butterfly
technique, mitusa, the alphabet
technique, orange riches, wasteland
of the free, the house we used to
live, next there’s, drank lysol and
leapt from a window, that thermal
paper, the nameless, an empty half
court, the artist enjoys himself,
the end of one book and the begin
of another, if you can power on a
cellphone, a grain of madness,
a top-hat can well hold the
sixtine, there was a young curate
of eltham, pig plagiarism, empty
cliques higher, cluster of grapes,
the era of the hegemony of
cooperative, pose posse, art-pimp,
pantechnicon, economy mad,
encouraging signs,

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