Wednesday, April 01, 2009

"refrigerated bananas"

canadian fancy, gember drank, you
can buy stock in this, murcott, cup
nothing, you think you have it all
covered, a twelve hour bus ride,
phoco, radio surfing, ground
fault i, refrigerated bananas,
what less could you want,
can’t find the bridge, ross
priddle’s mother’s potato masher,
schizophonic, libon, how to tell
an o from a zero, stauth, why ever,
sfumato, self-mashing, noxious
capon, orange crate, you can’t eat
culture, prison bakery, genital
when, incoivert, from quia est to
quid est, homohomo, consigned
exclusively to the heavens,
humanist erasmian connotations,
the usury of the passions,
thermidor cigar,

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