Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"actively disconnected from the network" & "nothing so lovely"

this is ink not toner, the blank
light house, original is ink, esing,
exspensive documents, this does not
normally attach, loonie toos,
a martyr in the gender wars,
tileul, a little hand writing
is precious, conlolumentum,
pink paralysis, the widow’s mite,
locus ille locorum, jarama ebro
turia manzanares, an extremely
powerful electromagnetic pulse,
information bomb, technology
free zones, pleonastic abundance,
actively disconnected from the

still note, not knowing anything
about it, parenting lol, hep check,
electric satan, petrochemical
santa, happy reading, megapixel,
help yourself, shrunk down to the
size of, crime is cultural, play
foam, what am i going to get,
television zombies, are they in
love, all the sweaters i left behing,
now you are liberated, one does
not fit, the process of becoming
homeless, all the skin, capital
death, don’t even remember
yesterday, read the actual book,
storm entering, nothing so lovely,
apples versus oranges, all bitter,

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