Thursday, April 09, 2009

"a social wage and a guaranteed income for all"

eye’s the buy, breakfastmeat, new wad,
fresh sea, pifko, born thirty years
too late, thirteen signifies nothing
signifies, a groat’s worth, the
vegetables are free, process server,
plairidissima, punstorgramble, the
poetry deficit, a very little snail,
indifferent blue, a fair orange
tree, paper nautilus, teatime fame,
clut tida, ho’optdada, document
server, this is for leonard if he’s
still here, kufic script, bokujin-
kai, illegal labor, arabia félix,
concrete practices, global
citizenship, sans papiers, papers
for all!, a new proletariat,
unproductive labor, a social
wage and a guaranteed income
for all, versus a family wage,
reappropriation of knowledge,
the right to reappropriation,
toner fluxus,

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