Friday, April 03, 2009

"hindering one another is part of the religion of our brotherhood"

hydrochloric acid trip, laughing
mustard gas, five of diamonds, pop
eye scan nada, hindering one another
is part of the religion of our
brotherhood, forward presence,
sampling videos or mash-ups,
infodumps, the bussard hydrogen
ramscoop, latent inhibition, a
yellow locomotive on a turntable,
orange culottes, circulating
fluidized bed boiler, concrete
abdomen, yugxga aigg, an n-th
generation copy, relevant to the
cluster, sapper-work, once a
criminal, nothing to be proud of,
nothing on reverse, coffee stone,
is it breaking up or coming
together, in the morning learn,
close your eyes and feel the
paper, solarday, do you not see,
the originaries, front and centre
death, i’m a real nothing man,
janaj, no mosquitoes today, try
them little wheels,

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