Wednesday, April 08, 2009

"pink satan"

turbomail, walking thru the city
with a typewriter, giant afros, please
whip me, the guns naturally rise to
the top wrong, brilliant juxtaposition,
cultural skin, pink satan, know your
rates, cheap beauty, useful beauty,
concrete evidence, brucs, misop, astro-
turd, very basic skills, which art is
which, being on hold, mueble toid,
l’outrance, the effects your crime
hath, hachure, shiplag, flashover,
poussetting, tuchus, the fishmonger’s
van, toss yourself, the present author,
oligarchy theory, the deference model,
by a criminal upon a householder etc,
shariat, householders and corporations
insist and ecodefenders, a given
concrete result, scientific
imminence, permanent dishonor-grief,
defilement-stigma, what have you
done with your life, free speech
free action,

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