Thursday, April 30, 2009

"iyigun" & "atrebates"

endless repetition, triple primed,
apple freak, pqvw, molecule of
magic, we have no time to waste,
all that differs, visual thots,
technic, word from behind the
curtain, our last happy moment,
sudden and random death,
beer and music, iyugun clusters,
what do you exspect for a penny,
you better spend it fast, you can
be in my dream if i can be in
yours, heart heave, breathtaking
or refusing to breath, it’s a rep,
leave wrapped, the hand on the
handle, tender private, gaze again,

you are part of my brain, giornata,
pregroperativism, lift the elephant
with your bare hands, everyone there
was on the map, pencil me in, there
is room for everyone inside the
elephant, giants and non-giants,
the world is dead, are you on the
team, special trance fusion,
coilezionista, atrebates, non-
mailartisti, your name pops out,
of all the examples you could
pick, abita, self-portrait of
open popstar, avail yourself of
the texture, a hundred and ten
pounds worth of paint, why not
respond, north-east-west territory,

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