Thursday, April 23, 2009

"ergodic literature" & "a forty watt bulb and a book"

cybertexts, ergodic literature,
upgraded microporous coating,
manteau yoho, tuque, warmth
without weight, thinking of
you from the direction of, wro
below zero, opportunity to
miss, bring tape and scissors,
yesterday wasn’t much of a

losing loved ones, all this effort
to move one book, it looks like real
war, one is terrified, you have fall
we have winter, pewter is tin, ski
iks, no human could lift, van rex,
a simple way out, after the horror,
after you lose battle on, happy
face egg, musical homes, bidet
farewell, you are not one of the
ones we want, process operator,
anodes sedona, a piece of steel
thru your heart, a forty watt
bulb and a book, have you seen
the big nickle, ukodus, out in
the smoke, find one thing worth,

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