Thursday, April 02, 2009

"well you ack sixteen!"

here we are starting out at zero,
directions to a place we cannot go,
dez, give up a little beauty, hanna
moment, eat oh together, you are here
i can feel your presense, this is just
over here, money comes from, we only
have eighty cents in our bank account,
computerized laundry, web ought, les
uorac, remind yourself of the beauty
you had forgotten, we need more rot,
still play, if you walk around it it
belongs to you, mailart will drive you
you nuts, clicking towards disaster,
gored by the bull of alcohol, two
days in a row, moderate yourself,
flags and flowers, every happy
chance, there is being but no beer,
conxenial, maybe if we had access
to better drugs, we went postal,
spending a little more, spending
a little less, banking on the
future, drop out of the network,
anti-oppression, cheese website,
load the tank for, happenism,
who eats white bread, making a
bad name for yourself, tagger
three sixty-four, who was
it who said when
the stakes are so
small, woh, how
will we carry so
much, maybe we
need more
roughage, this
might sell, at
a kop, advize,

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