Monday, April 27, 2009

"cheese libido" & "now the peach is rotten"

perfectly sane artist, you don’t want
the rebound, the thing itself is still
under wraps, leak in flight, the time
it takes to make, bless you dear
reader, a sentence of humour, for
unlawful carnal knowledge, orange
against, cheese libido, concrete
first, scumbled orange, cluster
of scholarship, consequences can
hardly be exaggerated, do i look
disoriented, the clusters program,
shirk clusters, clusters competition,
the strategics, annihilation principle,
sugarloaf hat, abatis, close enough
to hear, cheveaux de frises, foss,

why do we need a copy of this, fame
or infame, the moment of the elmleaf,
decide not to produce, the mind
blinking out, ask reality, the hole
is healed, concrete actuality, we
already have the word, reduced
to two days a week, circle of
tomatoes in the snow, now the
peach is rotten, twenty sugar,
hybrid concept, confarison, did
put on the page, ah to have you,
no production, allone, ha to have
the whole day, we are no more, you
were never here in the first place,
a penny gun, from eye to mouth,
art cost, fade to prompt,

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