Monday, April 20, 2009

"war will set you free" & "edit your memory"

boomtown cats, i have zero memory
of this moment, an old piece of
wood, representation of violence
marshmallow, do you remember
what this means: poppie bleeding
to white, let’s fry this fish,
aren’t you happy in your suburban
paradise, yokel yodel, what’s
this the rush, losing a place to
live, nuclear family meltdown,
nothing is soaring, anxiety chills,
come on in and get to work,
there’s a million jobs, sneaker
heads, war will set you free,
plunges into steel, mount real,

too much: the same, starting with
the day of your release, hemlines
high, even the departed must go,
the best game you can name, edit
your memory, the devil’s surprise,
whad one, what do you remember
from reality, we met you, eminen,
out comes the gun, memorable
forgettances, going on a vacant,
sen eye sub, sudden collapse over
time, blackfinger, here come
another today, the devastation
spreads, some of these broken
things must be repairable no,
eventumist, atome, the game’s all
here, hard hat glass, utterdoors,

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