Sunday, April 26, 2009


orange twilight blue snow, try
to see this as art, study the letters
until you can read them, main
satisfaction, highlands of china’s
eastern, the memory of money, do
you really prefer blank paper,
hot good head, after all the ink
is gone, busy being offline,
pretend you have money, approach
absolute economic zero, give up
on desire, pent each moment,
labouring thru the language,
all you care to hear, erised,
ejected from the network,
wasted gold, free death,

you are going up and down the same
road, suddenly disaster, we never knew
where the chunk came from, black
future, vlokfeest, print with gold,
antisemantics, most thing!, pes,
call it a deck, clovis culture, now
we are translated to another place
and time, thinking of others, back
when we had time for nothing,
orange tuk-tuk, popo gospel, indica
nothing, you finally reached the
breaking point, orange steam-shovel,
calcarius ornatus, werksux,
yakuzz, it was,

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