Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"significantly unmarked" & "start the destruction"

you can see it better in the dark,
one body, tipped you over tea, your
desk is your mailbox, you had it
for a moment, that sense of
confusion, a pyramid of leaves,
did i ask you a question, will
barrier, once you get your hands
on one, significantly unmarked,
what were we doing up here, we
might need to get desperate,
what do y’all got against stamps,
ways of going missing, man of a
million hands, begin a new reality,
blank means, temporary mosquito,

start with nothing, the original
start the destruction, yes no we
start, coming to recognition, the
future loss, genuine reality, the
searching of this, free if you
behave, gangsol, envoie, one day
beauty, you might have been in
this picture, drop down a hundred,
violence enters, people doesn’t work,
bordijol, selamat tahun baru, all
the energy there was in nineteen
eighty-six, stempel, all typos
are copyright, ten years agony,
blue skin film, shelanagig,
whiteknuckle, drunkwork,

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