Monday, April 27, 2009

"desireau, painted with urine," (#2) & ""like a bird flying over a border"

desireau, painted with urine,
e v , gone to peru, stepped on,
we can’t copy the entire universe,
in and of the art, de pou, thick
paint mail, if this line is not
clear, who was the artist that did
the art, is this where we enter the
flow, it doesn’t need to say, the
paper is thicker than it is wide,
what do you seek, how are you get
these effects, paint the daytime
black, the feel of paint, toner
porn, poundfoolish, if this line
is not clear, artfrag, rockers or
strings, lick the scum, iss, money,

are these meaningful marks or,
heaven sixty-nine moss, polypoetry,
you included, like a bird flying
over a border, temporary identity,
art and parcel, we are always on
thr run, if you have two of
something sell one, let it all
slip out of your hands, delu,
put it back into circulation,
relocate your identity, still
raise a grin, shadow and evil
in your personal life, two is for,
escape the network, schizogenic,
recont, pink sixsixsix, enuf leaf,

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