Monday, April 13, 2009

"scan" & "long"

desireau, painted with urine,
e v , gone to peru, stepped on,
orange turns to gray, the word
yellow written in blue ink,
this white space represents a
hole, priddle has been dropped,
art orange, reginger abb, show
your colours, it’s eye, cado
what, consciousness varies accross
the city, you know what it says
even though you can’t read it,
in the market to sell nothing,
keep on top of your needs, in all
us, podcast, party hat, voyou,

remove these edges first, lowball
air, struggle with reality, lessons
in allure, taking pains for your art,
dental art, are you still forgetting,
yes actual real money, orval cap,
why would you want them cut apart,
make it permanent, i’d rather not
open fire, failing to follow orders,
hercule cap, no illusions here,
cathedra van, you are a ray, are
ye daft, please obtain happy,
amore infinito, you don’t look
very happy, sex xes, effort roffe,
maintain losses, upn, thanatics,

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