Thursday, April 02, 2009

"ain't" ain't in the spell-checker, but "fulmars" is

ain’t got no television, recycle dvds,
only those who go away get to see,
plastix, mk-ultra, lae, see print,
collision of landscapes, fitty three,
can i have some of your hand,
releveant, playboy dustbunny,
faith and doubt hand in hand,
lingerie dining, one up one to go,
obc, data collection is data
collection, a speech disability,
mrs pickard grade three, imagine
work, count the staples, to double
code, concrete and heaven, resting
control, micro-fascism, induced
coma, hyper-tweaked, headings
exchange controls, turntable-ism,
parshas truma, bezoar, hair pie,
paraclausithryon, fulmars,
neoteric, brachyencephalitic, er
verblutete, roh-eh hanoled,
gemeinde, honor is its esprit de
corps, air-loom, liveness, pager
motors, recapitulation theory,
electricity conglomerate hydro,
exhibition chair harcourt,
examines the history of contemporary,

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