Saturday, April 11, 2009

"i have a blog therefore i am"

amen ded, riding the groundhog,
this is just to let you know zero,
place no stamps, laid legal, let
the pain become regular, tram jaw,
ferry over the ice, chrome god, can
you fall any faster, the lovers
on the other side of the wall,
cash only, all that belly, for
every pound of paper, noon noose,
taggage, speak truth to power,
being is perceiving, live jail cam,
the trojan room coffee machine,
i have a blog therefore i am, there
are no things except in ideas, i
connect therefor i am, the blank
represents loss, deaf embers, the
going by of the days empty, things
will be worse, decal lacked, a
friend in freud, dee cee three,
deteriorated to the point of
death, toner funny,

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