Sunday, April 05, 2009

"multi-intention immanence-significance-presence"

tripe gold grunge, at least you
can still laugh, homedad liberation
front, colmits, radiopaque, tosses
a felt fedora into the chair,
fuglemen, globular clusters,
green-moss-dusted cliff, multi-
intention immanence-significance-
presence, cumulus clusters,
creolina, abulic crisis, demigong,
cent candy, xiangsheng, lurid
mossy walls, coffee addict, left
concrete, flower clusters,
paracetamol, spection, wich misc,
gautami, the blog font, yellow
and red turns to black and white,
random individual in south
america, the same document
passing thru other hands, having
culled nothing, spirit levels,
bedeguar, x amount of blank,
the rest of this can be removed,
two whole pages by ten o’clock,
it’s only monday, art melt, even
the pure,

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