Sunday, April 26, 2009

"joyoj" & "nothing will be revealed"

can we see what you have written,
if you could have this day again
how would you spend it, fee for
errors, who is the mailartist in
binghamton ny, it’s never or ever
too late, aka madonna bush, hi
yersell to tn, curve hzt, fishbeat,
joking about nothing, memo no memo,
it’s a long way to alberta, the
image is not showing up, we fi, the
reality police, theme meth, karma
fly, if we knew we knew fi, no
need to reinforce the seams, appro,
are you willing to interact with
me, as reliable as gravity, joyoj,

the doctor is taking notes, what
happen to the alphabet, nothing will
be revealed, escape from your box,
a mere rendition, an elongated
rendition, eggplant talon, we are
down under the sea, repose or
respond, awful leavings, forget
the insanity, exotik alberta, it
says, strange threads, second hand
reality, a swipe across the face
with a fish, mistaken for another
eye, a gift that demands to be
regifted, feeling for something
that is not there, why wood, when
you said this, hope to see, eff,

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