Tuesday, April 21, 2009

maybe go up to 16 pt. on the Haettenschweiler next time

fail to shop, blank fields, damson,
amoenitatis locus, bulge lip, the
paper is already inscribed,
almost grabbed a book, sudden
fill the page, the original is to
be letten go, first shot worst
shot, crypto-linguistic, exotic
historical context, cack-handed
letters, child’s history of england,
concrete and steal, lsd theory,
the vegetable mind, glutamate,
intelligent nanoparticles,
mycocomputer, human evolution
was catalyzed, explanations of
human culture,

the text in the mind’s eye, the buying
takes place off stage, meditate on
head, down thru this hole to a lower
dimension, learning the inside of
your body, contains concrete, is
there no end to this, the internet
begins six feet away, falling
blank again, break the habit of
reading, please don’t touch the
reality, fucking the terrorist,
thou shalt not access, hierarchy
of icons, the texture of time,
the final card, mossy trance,
experience disease, boom mount
boom, not enuf: the same, you wrote it,

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