Tuesday, April 28, 2009

missing you visually

effort is we made, limited becomes
unlimited, that no more, all year
fool, what arrived the day before,
exactly what was coming in and
going out, ask a favour, why you
had to resort to the typewriter,
the oxen, do your work and shut up,
we only have one font, hate nothing,
effort will get you nothing, the
typer of the text, yes you make
the effort and nothing, ├ętat
d’avarie, a day’s deterioration,
outward effort versus, resutts,
a moment dying, adding passages,
work it down, luciday, get to o,

no one could decode, true love body
politics, marching towards
disaster, what are you monsters
doing in there, prepare to be dead,
cut yourself a few minutes, a
job you’ve been doing forever,
force yourself to look at the
text, high clue, hanna barbara,
forced to get a gmail, at the
commodity mart, sudden war, when
you’re just seventeen, i sent you
that great big book, musta had
to leave, drop a pebble into the
ocean, nowe, where’s the original,
rubber trance, typewriter here,

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