Thursday, April 30, 2009

"genet" & "remember you are going to die"

uske, the way you tore into it, your
guilt complex, a new promise,
disappear into the world, hrycyk,
administrative penalty, one was a
part, high octane club, will call
fee, one is a part, city of mud huts,
easier to use the rubberstamp,
telbank, living on credit, made
representations, she is commit,
eight below libertine, return to
your grind, accum, hand deliv,
comatose time, saint genet, total
freedom, go underground, how
do you like the art, detach
yourself, work you, tel-, plas,

why would someone do this,
spilliaert, jazz tesserae, remember
you are going to die, cast your
mind back to a happy moment,
ecuador grindhouse, overlimit,
cash-like transactions, autopay,
geometric structure, run your
fingers over the dust, if you
had to select one, any rendition
of, hiah, three words remind, zone
out now, the original cause,
what’s up with camel, we seem to
have lost contact, longbeards
grilling, more markings than,
specify month or day, art zwerg,

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