Saturday, April 04, 2009

"cranking tuition units through a classroom"

you can hardly call it a new home,
bring bring continue, free training,
two que, superlava, letterbells, hat
tits, lattimus dorsi, high-heeled
concrete whore, chidden, its hats
off eli, curiosity-driven research,
cranking tuition units through a
classroom, anecdotal research,
we destroy metaphor, a culture
of panic, redingote, contrapasso,
his confinement expressed, hang
class enemies, prison wages, min
lust, registration type work, empty
matrix, some lifting heavy, it’s
january for everyone, ex-matrix,
here’s a fire, we can go backward
or forward, sign in the gray box,
writing yourself crazy, ingeot,
take a whole afternoon, today is
such-and-such so what about it,
in memorium to happiness, maybe
it is not your fault, clicking
into obscurity, idem, dodging
golf balls, give up this hour,

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