Monday, April 13, 2009

what are we calling this?

here’s a word to remind you of
your pain and loss, if her name
was betty, blank somebody, total
love bath, what are you doing
sleeping, vindictive lie, maybe
they never got thru, the last
time we actually mailed, easter
guilt, united states of north
america, the other lives inside
you, get selfless, p’t riddle,
slurp puddle, mister pid, tala,
narcotic allure, lucky one
thirteen, why would anyone
want to copy this mess, phone
overseas, lucky double-seven,

who cut who out of the picture,
is this a finster, cats your dogs,
death was always with us, it’s
always time to cough, let us fold
ourselves together, line you all
together, one oh two, this might
have been annotated, imagine
fucking, there was reality here,
this was a fine one, reality you
can keep, write bolder, beer no more,
we don’t have to listen anymore,
we gave up a day to, nobody is
cooking, how is this making, you
were always working, thou shalt
not go overtime, got no plum,

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