Monday, April 06, 2009

"heartbreakers' beach party"

nothing is being done, face up
to the axe, this text is rotting
your mind, now we have entered
a new phase, who has time to
take on such projects, you are
a star in my pantheon, looking
for meaning in the night sky,
chaos comes to call, ousted,
engine author high from people,
bending around the corner into,
one oh one, is this mark part of the
art, what did you do on the day
before the beginning, let’s go
watch the fire, incredible to
think, alter your course or, you
were supposed, take a whole
lifetime off, we are still back
in that previous time, gover,
keeping track of your heart,
still abuzz, here’s one that is
out of place, thou shalt not let
thine eye fall on, blessings and
blastings, are you still a one,

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