Sunday, April 05, 2009

"the byron the bulb of socks"

the breast itself, we need to reinform,
keep seeking and ye shall eventually
find, the ace of diamonds, price per
raisin, afterthoughtaction, shakes
the van, hat the diction, cong
labulation, experience masters
nothing, nothing equals sugar,
ridderstrade, orexin, hypocretin,
exp’d crude haulers, nanochips,
coffee and spaghetti, planisfero,
an eighteen-inch-tall medieval hat,
a fitfully shining ball of
nothingness, mohino, art policy,
the machine that goes ping, pelwan,
pain labour, said lift heavy, what
will the afternoon hold, rasper id,
allow never a blank, fading into
death, the day it was still fresh,
the byron the bulb of socks,

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