Saturday, April 04, 2009

"smilingly refuse to work"

bell the cat, merex, you may never
find your way back to this page,
the failure to continuate, still
plenty strange, a digital someplace,
steaming into the fat, make soap,
returnall, actual blanks, carpet
orange gaping, caffeine psychosis,
exploitation engineers, esp
technicians, the green thrill,
pyin-sin, restrained by an orange,
sunk in a bog of farm labouring,
friesians, the edges of the blanks
in discourse, self-reificationists,
the relational self, ethnicization,
heterosexism, misque, emulation
fighter, punitive entrapment,
commissares, smilingly refuse
to work, havoc which the embargo
created, read on, ignore the
hunk of food, wheel the typewriter
over, add another piece of crap
to the mix, it will go nice here,
the magic one, a full day’s
blank, high queue,

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