Thursday, April 23, 2009

"making it to your appts" & "rebuild the world from the ashes"

abb to woo, you finally got what
you desired, a random phone
number, valencia non-orange, the
author of this text, time will
repool, making it to your appts,
a new fax machine, it’s print,
failing to renew, postal steps,
now we are living new days,
misregister inks, the next round
of needs, desiring labour,
learn a new computer language,
write your funny thing, ccp,
face your doom, a broom to
ride, a glimpse of skin,

become a janitor, iron ck, i bought
this loaf of bread for you, eroscope,
rebuild the world from the ashes,
i picked up this milk for you,
emphatropes, join the chess club,
what are you doing back over here,
this penny counts as an item, local
rubber, the rolling eye, hitler was
a vegetarian, our brocken years,
blame it on the booze, hat tenh,
filthy concrete, philosophy of
luck, the criminal class, is this
the same day, deposit your money
at a store, responsable, grind
away, syd syd syd, slard,

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