Monday, April 20, 2009

"zombie capital" & "we have always been in this very moment"

open mossy place, neathless, paper
hat, hat-check girl, the orange
glowing steamcloud cloud of
the pulp mill, the bipoilers, why
are you wasting your eyes, debt
slavery, until they have paid back
every penny they owe, bad infinity,
illimité, vampire-capital, mortified
schizos, mechanical discourse
processing, intellectual capital,
dreamshit, slake-moths, zombie-
labor, a universal residue,
zombie-making, to write time,
handwritten trance,

experience this moment, book as
widget, barre, sentenced to death,
fun: busy being had, imaginary spy,
we have always been in this very
moment, oil wind, recruiters, home
in which crime, the new om, your
clareview days, the day your
childhood ended, the internet
on the other side of the wall,
thinking you have money, more
reasoner than thou, you will
never know such delight, the
god of birthday cake, dreaming
of labour, scrabble up, legs
wide spread, little go-getter,

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